Meet Our Practitioner

 Ank En Aamit Menat ( De'Edda Powell )


Aamit Menat is dedicated in educating people about the health benefits of adopting a holistic lifestyle. Aamit Menat is a Registered Nurse that is certified as a  Kemetic Reiki practitioner, Doula, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Herbs and Supplements Consultant, and Aromatherapist.



My Story

Greeting and welcome to Peaceful Aura. I am so glad you are here. May my services and products be a blessing to you and those around you.

I started Peaceful Aura after being diagnosis with three different illnesses within a two-month period. During that time I was under a lot of stress, and neglected my health.


Thankfully, I was educated on the many ways to heal myself with the use of integrated medicine, herbs, essential oil, whole food, and Reiki. 

After a successful healing process, I decided to help others and birth Peaceful Aura into existence. 


The Universe has supplied us with everything that we need to live a life of abundance, so take it, it's your birth right. Peace and Blessings, Namaste, As-salamu Alaikum, Hotep!